Debuting Today on PnV Network: Keegan Argo by Lagaret

By Chris Chase @ChrisChasePnV

I first found a photo of Keegan Argo a few months ago and fell instantly in love.


This Okie, that means he’s from Oklahoma, has an incredible smile! As you all know, I’m all about the face and he has a spectacular face.


I’ve gotten to know him some over the past few months and I’ve found him to be affable, intelligent and charming.

I asked him to give me some biographical information and he sent me this. I want to leave it in his own words because it gives you an idea of his personality.


Debut of Keegan Argo

“Hey what’s up everyone, my name is Keegan Argo, I was born and raised in Tulsa/Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.
I started modeling when I was 16 and when I was 19 I was blessed with an opportunity to travel internationally.”

“I have been lucky enough to spend time in countries all over the world for the last 4 years!”


“Now, because of my love for fitness & nutrition, have recently become a wellness coach! Being able to help people reach goals mentally and physically is an irreplaceable feeling!”


“My goal is to impact as many lives as I can. I have a passion for fashion, music, writing, food, traveling, friends, family time, animals, sports, scuba diving, and just trying to live life to the fullest!”


Obviously Keegan has a zest for life! Enjoy these EXCLUSIVE photos by Bill Lagaret.

You can see more photos and be a follower of Keegan Argo here: @keeganargo

And don’t forget to be a fan of the work of Lagaret here:


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