Joan Crisol & Alex Bueno – Exclusive Interview

Joan took his camera and male model Alex Bueno and goes outdoors.

We Want More of Joan Crisol & Alex Bueno – Exclusive Interview

They did it again, in a private raw portrait with Spanish Alex Bueno, the photographer–base in Madrid–talks in exclusive.

Joan Crisol experience more than 15 years in portrait/fashion photography we have published so much articles about his work.

One was a very special featuring with Alex Bueno a Spanish provocateur Instagrammer muscle adonis with 212K followers.

We find the perfect moment to show you how’s the mind of a creative thinker, since his experience working with human body.

Until his work with such big brands like ES Collection, Addicted, Modus Vivendi and more.



Let’s read this exclusive interview with Joan:

How was your experience working with Alex Bueno?

As always very funny, Alex is just as crazy as me, and we love to get together and try to see what comes up.

This session was not prepared at all (actually I usually prepare very little…) we stayed one morning, rented a car and went to a park in the city of Madrid.

Making the pictures we were passing by people cycling every minute … hehe.

What was your inspiration to go into the forest with Alex?

We had several study sessions and we both wanted to change a bit. This was the outdoor option closest to Madrid, where everyone goes to exercise.

After that, it is already allowing us to take both. I like that everything comes up naturally, in this sense I do not like for example to ask my models to undress.

If they are comfortable and they want it, they will tell me, they already know what kind of photography I do.



Joan is a punky photographer

What are your next projects?

I never know what I’m going to do next session. I’m the most punky photographer you can meet.

I’m obsessed that everything has to be as organic as possible, and that only happens when I’m alone with the boy or girl.

So I usually collect several ideas and I finish deciding in the same study. Yes, I always go with several ideas …just in case.

With whom would you like to work, some model/influencer/celebrity that likes to work very soon?

I love Nyle DiMarco! I think he has an incredible killer look and his smile melts me down., I’d love to work together!

So please Nyle pay attention to this!



For you Joan, what is the Human Male Form?

It’s beauty, strength, sensuality, light, sweat, darkness, attraction… It is everything… That’s why I decided to dedicate to look every day in my life. I can’t feel more lucky and happier in my work.

What advice can you give to the guys who want to work with you?

Not because guys has good abs I’m going to run to ask him to take pictures.

“The best model is the one that stops worrying about how his body will come out and relaxes and enjoys the work.”

What has been your worst experience in photography?

I have never talked about this, but surely my worst experience was when I fought with ES Collection and Addicted.

I started with the brand almost since its inception and I became very involved and after many years I think we managed to break out and do something totally amazing underwear.

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