Model Nick Canto Thanks to Scott Teitler

Muscle body checked, beautiful skin checked, charming smile checked, Nick Canto is here to conquer you.

Represented by MP Management in Atlanta, the model is seeking steps into the fashion world, which is very competitive nowadays.

New Gen

Catalogued by MP Management as a New Gen, the model is 6’00”, brown eyes and dark brown hair.

The following pictures by master Scott Teitler is showing in black and white and also in color. You can see this pictures as well for Nick’s portfolio.

He has a particular birth mark on his side abs, looks gorgeous in any way you can look it.

New Gen means a new generation for male models in the marketing/digital world, ready to be influencer, stars and celebrities but also a model.

You’re welcome.








Nick Canto has only Instagram, be gentle he’s new into this, be a follower at:

IG @real_nick_canto

And you can se the beautiful work of Scott Teitler here:

IG @scott.teitler


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