Matt van de Sande by Michael del Buono for L’Officiel Hommes Ukraine

Matt van de Sande by Michael del Buono for L’Officiel Hommes Ukraine

Photographer Michael del Buono places new work for L’Officiel Hommes Ukraine with male model Matt van de Sande.

Styled by Taylor Bianco, the model wears underwear Supreme, white trousers by OFF/White, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, Orlebar Brown swimshorts.

The issue is titled “Last Day of Summer” and is now available online.



Michael & Matt

They’ve been collaborating for so long, the first time we posted an article about them was in 2017, when they started to do shots very often.

Michael sees a big potential on Matt, and this is reflecting in every work they done together.

Matt is back and forth to New York, Los Angeles and Milan when he has huge mount of work that you can see here with us.



Last Day of Summer

Resumes a day at a hot summer in a yacht leading by Matt, wearing Kappa joggers, coming back and forth over the board.

Modeling swim shorts, tanning his fit body and 10.4K followers can’t wait to see more.




Matt makes us crazy

The mount of agencies Matt is represented is crazy, but good for him, a few months ago, he started a Paper Magazine with Greg Vaughan.

He’s signed by Wilhelmina in New York, Two Management in L.A., D’Management in Milan, Next London and MDB Reps by Michael del Buono.

What makes us crazy about Matt, everything, one thing is that he is able to know how handsome he is and sexier can be in front of the lens.

He absolutely knows about what makes people goes crazy.





Surprisingly good Michael del Buono

We cannot deny how good is the picture of Michael del Buono, with so much experience in his career.

Every model should work with him, it’s a plus you can add on your modeling career, if you know what I’m mean.

One thing you have to when you step over in front of his lens, you need to know he is very very professional. So be a professional like him.

Photographer: Michael Del Buono @mdbreps
Styled by: Taylor Bianco
Model: Matt van de Sande @mattvandesande_official


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