Joan Crisol presents Sergi Salamanca

Ain’t nothing better than see a naked Spanish/Chilean model in front of your screen.

We’re so glad to be the connection between you and Joan Crisol. You don’t have an idea how the hard worker Joan is.

But he knows good, he knows exactly what to do when he’s got a camera in his hands. Even when he at first he doesn’t have any idea of what to do.

Hotel Axel in Madrid witnessed the new episode of Joan Crisol presenting Spanish beauty Sergi Salamanca.




Sergi + Joan

In 2017, Joan met Sergi because of Sergi’s latest model agency, “the truth is that we had a very good time together, I really like Sergi and we still talking and hangin each other. This is like a recount, that we really dig into this.”

The session is like an ode of the beginnings of Crisol career, back into the 90’s, when sessions focused on the body and face including only a few spotlights.

“A flashback from my Smash Hits of youth” that’s how Crisol can labeled this session.

“I have several months working on sessions indoors (in a studio) with guys, I just need to get out of there and experimenting on outdoors” Crisol comments to us.

And the experiment was flawless, this is the best result so far from Crisol in years, we can see a beautiful aesthetic work like Crisol can give us.



From Basketball player to be a sexy hot model

Sergi a young healthy serious kind of guy, but with a sexy body and looks. He broke up his own cocoon and give to Crisol all trust to make this session.

If you can see the pictures of Sergi’s IG, there’s nothing like this on them. We clapped to Sergi, because is not easy to get naked in front of somebody, but Joan can make it easy for you.

Sergi did a great job too, we can’t take away his credit on this, but you know he is a fabulous Basketball player, oh yes, read well.

He played for a full season at Osorno Basketball Team in Santiago Chile. Until unfortunately he got a bad injury in his right ankle, however, only reached to play some games because again the 23-year-old boy was re-injured the injury that has him for several weeks without being able to play.

But the fashion scene can turn its eyes on Sergi and can change his entire Basketball career into a fortune, if he’s in the right hands to do it.

Axel Hotel Madrid – Adults Only in Madrid

The Axel Hotel Madrid is located at 49 Atocha Street, located in the popular Barrio de las Letras, and surrounded by the most emblematic streets of the city, in a bohemian enclave that combines fun, shopping and good food. The hotel has 88 rooms.

In Axel Hotel Madrid you will find your meeting point in the capital, with its innovative leisure spaces in which to take care of yourself and have fun, always faithful to the Axel concept of style, design, comfort and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

And yes we can see in the pictures how good and comfy was Sergi and Joan taken this pictures. Taking a hot bath, laying naked in the comfy cotton sheets king-sized bed.





Sergi in a Blu Futon

Is incredible the beauty of Sergi, just take a look over this two pictures up above, how can this man can make you go nuts.

But then you came into the towel series

The focus of this session was the good hot features of Sergi, and Joan can make it instantly damn good.

Sergi if you can read us, this is one of your best work so far. Keep up the good work in the modeling, can give you so much, and you won’t injured yourself at all.




We want more of Crisol

This is like the tip of the Icerbeg, Joan Crisol reigns in the male photography.

You can name thousand and thousand of photographers, but there’s nobody like Crisol. Papi Crisol like I call him.

Just enjoy and share this stunning work, also you can book a trip to Madrid and reserve a night at Axel Hotel.


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