KJ Heath photographs Talent Dancer Adam Houston

The photographer introduced us a to a whole new world of the understanding of the human nude figure in art, as he solely focuses on the naked male body, today the male muse is the dancer Adam Houston.

Most of the time that you see a male model, he’s going to be physically fit, toned, masculine man and not someone who look like a dancer aesthetics.

This time KJ breaks the pattern, and focused on the beauty–from outside– and the beauty within from Houston.

Let’s crumble little by little, this post is interested in promoting positive body image and to show a different side of the male nude.




In Bed with Adam

Adam is a 29 year-old dancer based in Chicago. Adam began his early training in his hometown of Boone, Iowa. Upon graduating high school, he moved to Tucson, Arizona where he continued studying at the University of Arizona.

There Adam began his professional training in ballet with James Clouser, along with modern and jazz.

During his time at U of A, Adam performed works by James Clouser, Elizabeth George, Doug Nielsen, Susan Quinn, Michael Williams, and Sam Watson.

Adam graduated magna cum laude from U of A receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dance. He was also named Outstanding Senior by the School of Dance for the graduating class of 2013.

During his time as a PA, he performed with the main company regionally, nationally, and internationally.




KJ experience

“My passion is to continually push myself in new creative directions, and my work continually evolves and reflects my journey as a photographer.”

The internal connection between photographer and muse should be very private, less is more.

KJ’s work is not about a nude male model, is about what’s behind of the frame, and what’s transmit to you with just one image.

Male nudes shouldn’t be rare – the stigma that naked men are “ugly” or the myth that a penis is threatening or only sexual should be dispelled.

In a way, the nudity becomes the less important part of his photos, while strong emotions, vulnerability and an expression of personal experience take over the narrative.




Art should be inclusive, so when the public can see men that look like them or men in their lives represented, that art is better received.

The work of Adam on the stage is incredible good, he possess an unique talent when is about to perform, he has extremely high sense of expression with his body through the movement and sound.

But right now, we are enjoying this stunning work–black and white pictures, some of color that Heath shared with us.



If you are in Chicago, you can enjoy to see the performance of Adam on “Live in The Momentum” this coming October 26 & 27 at the Harris Theater. For more details go to: @giordanodancechicago.

Photography KJ Heath @kj.heath
Dancer Adam Houston @ahousty

Source: https://fashionablymale.net/2018/10/10/kj-heath-photographs-talent-dancer-adam-houston/

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