Working Out with Justin & Austin in L.A. by JONO

While we all love a good sweat, sometimes the gym can be crowded, stuffy, and generally unappetizing.

Besides, spicing up your indoor routine with some outdoor exercise has tons of benefits — especially in Los Angeles.

You’ll meet new people, breathe fresh air, and get your recommended dose of vitamin D (thanks SoCal sun!).

Justin Hughes
Austin Walker

So we’re saying mix up things up, throw on a hat, and check out these two guys, Justin Hughes (Aperture Talent & Stone Model Management) and friend Austin Walker (Mavrick Agency & Stone Model Mgmt) shot outdoor workout spots in LA by JONO.

Level Up

Let’s go to Hollywood Hills, are a part of the Santa Monica Mountains and also a hillside neighborhood of the same name in the central region of the city of Los Angeles.

JONO behind the lens, said on to these pals “I hung out with Austin Walker and Justin Hughes a few weeks ago, and we shot a few fun pics and was fun hanging out with them, Both are super handsome and fun to work with.”

Check out these workouts that really aren’t like anything else you’ll find in the city of Los Angeles.


Represented by Aperture Talent and Stone Model Management this model has been working with Jono in the past.

As a Taurus born on May 4th, Justin find it easy to connect to other people, he has great sense of humor, he’s full of spontaneity and has great looks.

On September, He and Austin were exploring the Windy City–Chicago.

Justin, he’s a lively spirit, he is always part of a million activities.

From workouts at the gym to hiking Runyon, there’s always something around to do. If the idea of lifting weights isn’t at the top of your mind, you’re in luck. The city offers a few off beat workout activities for you.






For the other hand, Austin is a Tennis lover, he trains doing Crossfit and he recently is represented by Mavrick Agency & Stone Model Mgmt.

And he’s a daddy dog, his lovely pet is Nala and you’d like to see how lovely pics on Insta has these two.





Check out JONO Photography here: @jonophotography

Models: Justin Hughes @justin_edwardh (Aperture Talent & Stone Model Management) and Austin Walker @walkitoutt  (Mavrick Agency & Stone Model Mgmt)


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