“Still & Storm” by Gilad Boby for Client Magazine US #11

New models Roy Reshef & Daniel Darnichero from Brick Models were photographed by Gilad Boby in this editorial for Client Magazine U.S. #11th edition.

The work of Body on “Still & Storm” reflects the natural beauty of brotherhood, a true friendship can never be the same when you’re living in your youth.

That’s why we decided to re-post black and white frames from CEO and co-funder of Brick Models Body Gilad who also did this work.








The issue is available for digital download or order in print.

Photographed by Gilad Boby @giboby
Models Roy Reshef @royreshef & Daniel Darnichero @daniel.darni at Brick Models @brickmodels.

Print edition:  from £15 including shipping

Source: https://fashionablymale.net/2018/10/16/still-storm-by-gilad-boby-for-client-magazine-us-11/

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