Featuring #HortonedaTwins by Joan Crisol – Exclusive

If you think you have enough about Papi Crisol, well sorry for you, this is the time to remember this hashtag: #HortonedaTwins.

Juan and Cesar Hortoneda Spanish famous twins opens this Wednesday in a iconic pictorial set by Crisol exclusive in Fashionably Male.



Hortoneda hottest Spanish Twins

Born in Madrid Spain, Cesar and Juan, they started to modeling at a very young age.

“I started modeling 5 years ago with my twin brother. A photographer saw us in a street and decided to do a shooting. Best about modeling is to be able to travel, know new cities and cultures, language and meet new people.” –Cesar.

One of his highlights in the modeling career are working for Bruce Weber and Mario Testino.

Juan said, “since then I’ve been working a lot. One of most important jobs were with the great photogrpahers Bruce Webber and Mario Testino, among others.”

But that was over 8 years ago, and now they’re coming hottest and sexiest than ever.



Crisol meets Hortoneda

Joan said to us, “they are very good friends, I’ve known them for a while, I’ve decided to work with them and help-’em with this updated portrait.”

Crisol is amazed by the beauty of the Twins, “they are wonderful, can you tell? one of their fist work was with Bruce Weber!”

For the shooting twins trusted on Crisol work, which we have mentioned so much lately, but because is very very damn good.




Hot Twins on Modus Vivendi

The Twins are modeling and posing with Super Low Cut Brief in color Lime and Grenade, try it to show off your six-pack (and other assets!).

Of course they are very comfortable using that kind of cut briefs, is not the firs time, they’ve worked for Givenchy, Mango, Elio Berhanyer, Roberto Torretta, just to name a few.

The relationship with Modus Vivendi and Joan Crisol has been increased throughout this year, as we can see in the work published in several digital blogs across the world.

Can I suggest Horteda Twins be the next face for Christos Bibitsos’ Modus Vivendi Campaign?

“Walking down the catwalk make me feel very important, because everyone is watching you at that time. My brother Cesar and I have mainly worked for the European market, so I can not comment on other markets, but this very booming both Asia and Brazil. They are very very popular.”

As you can see the work is indoors, in a Madrid Studio, where Joan is used to work every time.



The models–under Crisol direction– are pretending how lovely, sexy, hottest, they can be each other in front of Joan’s lens.

But the Twins are following a Healthy lifestyle

For years, Cesar and Juan has been training on gym indoors and outdoors in a professional scale.

They are living for the good life, they are so dedicated to have a nice healthy lifestyle, they like sports such as Tennis and Football.

For Cesar is swimiming, football, basket and running and Juan tennis, soccer and basketball, to be specific.

They like to eat nice meals like for Cesar is Spanish omelette and a nice meat and for Juan a paella, potato omelette, pizza.

The love between Twin brothers or sister is a connection we can’t describe. Is a pure love between link human beings from the same womb.

It’s estimated that only 3% of the population is a twin and with such small odds, it’s no wonder why most people are so intrigued by the idea.

Despite popular belief, twins are not clones of each other. Twins don’t share the same fingerprints for example because even though they share a womb, they sit in different places in the womb, which gives them a different set of prints.

They also don’t share the same DNA because studies have found that identical twins can have different DNA sequences.

While we’re on the topic of science, it’s also important to remember that boy-girl twins are almost never identical, but fraternal — except in cases of a rare chromosomal defect.

Because of the fact that people are constantly comparing twins to one another, you might think that a twin would end up with a competitive nature. It’s actually the opposite though. Many are so used to comparisons that competition doesn’t affect them as much as it does other sets of siblings.

These circumstances are hard to explain to someone who isn’t a twin and can make people frustrated sometimes, but it just comes with the territory.



Don’t ever forget two things: HORTONEDA TWINS & JOAN CRISOL

Photography Joan Crisol @joancrisolphoto

Models Hortoneda Twins #hortonedatwins
Juan Hortoneda @juan_hortoneda
Cesar Hortoneda @cesar.garci

Source: https://fashionablymale.net/2018/10/17/today-featuring-hortonedatwins-by-joan-crisol-exclusive/

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