Model Christopher Marrs by Greg Vaughan

Is turn for model Christopher Marrs, he is snapped by Greg Vaughan in Brooklyn.

Christopher is a Chicago based male model and photographer, we’ve seen the work since 2015 and he continues working.

As a model he’s represented by @10mgmt with great features, rock body and minimal aesthetics.




Freckles Are Like Stars

Full of freckles, Christopher got a beautiful skin and face. Big lips, big brown eyes and platinum hair.

In an era that prizes individuality above all else, who can resist a pointillistic decoration that is not only unique to the wearer but to the given moment?

Freckles catch the spotlight as much as they evolve with it, fading and intensifying with the ebb and flow of the sun.

His looks has been placed all over Chicago and New York City. Also because he’s a very good lensman as well.

f you want to see the work of Christopher as a photographer you can check it out here: @christophermarrs.






Denominated by Greg Vaughan, he’s one of the top fashion portrayed photographers around NYC.

He’s confident working in black and white, color and his editing is clean, spotless doing a flawless delivering for the top agencies in the Big Apple.

Photography Greg Vaughan @gmvaughan

Model Christopher Marrs @marrs_the_martian


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