Iago Botelho for Risbel Magazine #11

Photography by Caleb and Gladys the model is styled by Marti Arcucci in New York.

The stunning black and white and edited in color is available for the running issue #11.

Burning man in NY

Signed by Heroes Models in NY, Iago posing and exhales sexiness in every frame.

You can see the rest of the editorial at: @risbelmagazine

Photography Caleb Gladys @calebandgladys
Model Iago Botelho @itsiagobotelho
Styling by @martiarcucci
Grooming by @jezzhill
Hair by @tyshearn
Producer @hannahhhkate
Casting director @nycbcg
Styling assistant @jesszuluaga
Video @oli_crapaud
Retouching @marcinretouch

Source: https://fashionablymale.net/2018/11/24/iago-botelho-for-risbel-magazine-11/

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