KICKSTARTER campaign for ‘MEN AND WATER’ by David Vance

Feature hot men & H2O around South Florida. Be sure to partake in the KICKSTARTER campaign for ‘MEN AND WATER’ by David Vance.

Although I have had more than 12 coffee table books of my work published, Men and Water is my first Kickstarter project.

The majority of my previous books have been shot mostly in my studio. Men and Water will include images that involve water, on and around beautiful men in various stages of undressed from fully clothed to totally nude.

“The photos are sexy, sensual and fun. I hope you will please support me in this venture and tell your friends.” 

David Vance

The book is 13.5 X 10.4 inches. It will be 128 pages. Printed in Italy.

The models involved are: Joshua Theissen, Reynolds, Mike Caterbone, Sergey Boytcov, Kevin Selby, Craig Moody, Roman Shylakis, Jake Jensen, Aaron McGuire, Jerrad Swodeck, Adam Fletcher, Philippe Bélanger, Bo Roberts, David Diaz, Allen Clippinger, Ryan Wert, Christian Olivo, Enzo Junior, Jason Whidby, Kevin Jackson, Mario Castelli, Dante Saverio, Andrew Corvin, Stephane Haffner, Cristobal Verduga, David Lurs, Casey Christopher, Lance Lamar, Jase Dean, Kyle kier, Patrick Manos, David Gonzalez, Rado Vanko, Raphael Hildebrand, Billy Kiraly, Yanni Demelo, David Fumero, Scott Nicholson, Brandon Vinez, Shawn Russell, and Morgan Winsor.

You can easily help to this creative behind the lens, to reach his goal. Click down below: here.

You can follow David Vance on Insta @davidvancephoto or Twitter @davidvancephoto. Kickstarter David Vance project.


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