Federico Massaro in “Let Your Eyes Tells A Story” By Lucas Possiede

International model Federico Massaro in “Let Your Eyes Tells A Story” By Lucas Possiede shot in Milan

Playing around, improving in front of the lens. This inspirational photo-shooting could have started in December 2018 and continued in February 2019.

Lucas Possiede is a fashion based photographer in Milan. Capturing through his lens natural angles, shadows and dark shades, he can lensed you and discovered your inner soul.

For this shooting, Federico a Milan based model, represented by Next Models in Milan, but mother agency is Ewa Talents Management.

“Let Your Eyes Tells A Story”

Federico models in front of the lens of Lucas Possiede, with a cowboy hat, flower twig in lips, he tells everything with those dark melting eyes.

Black and white photographer gives drama and altering every nerve of your spin.

“Trying to take off my pants but my big feet didn’t want to cooperate” that’s what Lucas posted on IG, he has 7K followers, he’s aware of starting a new world in fashion scene, but his back up is working with D&G.

Federico has the fortune to work on fashion runways of Dolce & Gabbana, also starring the SS19 Campaign, including all fashion shows from Haute Collections like Cuore Sacro Collection, presenting in Dubai, and Alta Sartoria in Milan.

Photography Lucas Possiede  @lpossiede
Model Federico Massaro @fredrikmassa at @scouting_blue_ewa & @nextmodelsmilano

Source: https://fashionablymale.net/2019/03/18/federico-massaro-in-let-your-eyes-tells-a-story-by-lucas-possiede/

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