Joshua Rusniak: Adiós Frozen Tundra, Hello Sunny Beaches – PnV Exclusive

A PnV Exclusive Interview

By Tom Peaks @MrPeaksNValleys 

Let’s face it, model Joshua Rusniak was too hot for the frozen tundra of Wisconsin.   So, this small-town Midwestern stunner has been traveling around to sunnier locales posing for photographers whom are walking away from shooting Josh very impressed with this fresh faced rising star.  Josh was meant to be on a beach!

Josh has a face that is very versatile and capable of capturing a wide array of moods.   And his physique clearly rocks.   Recently based in Miami, Josh says to stay tuned to his Instagram as he’s about to make the move to Los Angeles.    

Photographer Stevan Reyes is Miami-based and very popular with fans and models alike.   Be sure to check out his social media listed below the interview.  In the meantime, enjoy our exclusive interview with Josh with images by Stevan Reyes. 

First, Josh, tell us your basic stats. Age and birthday? Weight and height? Eye and hair color? What is your hometown? Current residence? What agencies represent you?

I am 20 years old, born in December 6 of 1998. I weigh around 175 lbs., 6’2″; eye color is hazel, hair color is black/brown. I was born in Hartford, Wisconsin, very small town of about 12,000 people. I’m currently visiting home for a few weeks before I head back out to Los Angeles to work there for several months. Currently I’m represented by NTA Models in LA, Book Management in Canada, Mainline Models in Philadelphia and AIG Models is my Mother Agent!

What inspired you to pursue modeling? How did you break into the industry? Tell us what your first shoot was like? Were you nervous?

What started it all was a fitness competition I got involved with, and my former Mother Agent noticed that I had the potential to be a model, so we setup a number of photoshoots. I became noticed by a few NYC agencies and from there I just grew! I guess I just kept shooting.  I never stopped having photoshoots. 

“The first shoot was awkward, very very awkward. I had no clue what I was doing, I was so nervous, and uncomfortable, all I was trying to do was show off my abs and looks sexy, but I was sooo bad at it in the beginning.”

What things do you like most about modeling?

I love being in front of the camera as it makes me feel special and I get to express myself and show a different more serious, or goofy, or whatever mood I’m in on the camera. In person I’m probably the most chill, relaxed, happy guy you will meet. 

What do you like least about modeling?

Just finding consistent work, but that’s part of the business. I only just started modeling too, so I would not even say that I have really broken into the market yet. I wouldn’t even consider myself as even a beginner haha, because I’m still learning every day. 

Do you find it a bit surreal that you’re starting to develop fans? How do you like interacting with them?

I really don’t think of them as fans, more like friends, and everyone I’ve met over social media has been more than supportive and helpful throughout my modeling career. I love it when people message me or ask me a question. 

I know you were certified as a trainer recently and attended the University of Wisconsin. How do you currently balance all of this in your life? What is your long game?

Honestly I’m really just focused on modeling right now.  I’m taking online classes at UW, only two, but I’m entirely focused on modeling, because I want to make it and there is no doubt in my mind that I can. I’m not focused on the long game because then you become stressed and worried, all I’m focused on right now is enjoying modeling and living my life to the fullest. 

So, Josh, tell us about shooting with Miami-based Stevan Reyes.

Yes, let’s talk about the pictures you are currently looking at today from photographer Stevan Reyes. It was definitely one of my favorite shoots of all time just because Stevan is such an amazing person, and now really good friend, along with being an absolutely amazing photographer. There’s no one who has work and a style like his. The entire shoot was enjoyable — we were laughing, drinking wine on the beach, playing good music, definitely will remember that shoot for the rest of my life. 

What physique type (weight, muscle distribution and dimensions, etc) do you find is optimally desired by decision-makers in modeling? Are you efforting to be more of a fashion or fitness model?

You have to be lean, as far as I know, hahaha but no being lean and looking your best is a must, no one wants an overly muscular dude who just makes people feel uncomfortable when they walk in a room, you have to look almost normal, not normal but sexy, hot, fun type of guy, that’s what makes you a model. 

You have been modeling just over a year now, Josh. What pearls have you learned about this industry that you were previously naive about?

Everyone wants to see you succeed, models get this reputation that were all jerks and stuck up, but everyone that I have met has been more than helpful and everyone just wants to see everyone make it. 

Male modeling is sexier and more provocative than ever, pushing boundaries of male sexuality. Do you embrace that find it inspiring or does it make you pause a moment?

I love it, but I also find it annoying at times. I love displaying a sexy side of myself, but it also gets a little annoying after always shooting “sexy, body” shots, but I enjoy every minute of it. 

How have old friends and family reacted to your work?

My family is always so supportive of my work, maybe not the really sexy pictures, but they understand it’s all part of the job, but my friends consider me famous, which I’m not whatsoever. 

You can find Joshua Rusniak on social media at:


To see more work by Stevan Reyes:



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