Jungle at Vogue Hommes SS19 by Ethan James Green

Brazilian Top Model Marlon Teixeira plays little bit in the Jungle at Vogue Hommes SS19 by Ethan James Green

Heavy on the darker looks Ethan James Green gives to his audience a new whole nature world to explore.

Stylist Anastasia Barbieri builds with Hermès, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Brioni and other luxury brands the humidity, exploring a dark and daring jungle.

Marlon the king of the jungle

Playing through a jungle full of enigmatic plants, wildlife and wild flora, we can see how it blends through the plants, with colors in earth tone, Marlon connects with the jungle is part of it.

Watching his place like a jaguar in the jungle, Marlon explores in a dangerous jungle in a jacket by Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello

The way he flaunts his butt, the hand placement and all is always very women-like, but it’s interesting because he looks like the cliché macho Brazilian southern hot guy but always poses in a high fashion female model kind of way.

He’s a great model but yeah it’s funny to me and I applaud him to have this signature style that is very recognizable among the other male models.

Marlon! I am glad t see him back in print. It is weird seeing a spring / summer issue with an editorial shot in the jungle but mostly on black and white.

Although it’s not exactly the same, but this concept of “Marlon in the Jungle” has been done before twice as I recall, and probably more…

See more at @voguehommes

Photographer: Ethan James Green @ethanjamesgreen
Stylist: Anastasia Barbieri #anastasiabarbieri
Hair: Laurent Philippon @laurentphilippon
Makeup: Karim Rahman @karimrahmanmakeup
Cast: Marlon Teixeira @marlontx

Source: https://fashionablymale.net/2019/03/21/jungle-at-vogue-hommes-ss19-by-ethan-james-green/

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