“Colorfully Dark” Session by JONO with Marcio Carvalho

Welcome to “Colorfully Dark” Session by JONO with Marcio Carvalho, today we’re gonna study the male form, be ready with your pads and pay attention to this

Jono Madison is a Los Angeles based photographer “I paint with light” a vibrant visual artist with a unique sense of style and humor. Am sure he is.

His male muse is model Marcio Carvalho a Portugal beauty but now he’s based in Los Angeles.

“Colorfully Dark”

Is the new session of Jono using Marcio as a canvas to paint with lighting. Splendid lighting execution, Jono took us to dark ultra-violets, fiusha pink tones and blue-ish brushes over Marcio’s body.

We’re feeling as we are the students–behind our screens– and Jono is giving us Bob Ross realness.

Taking to another level, Jono is also a very dedicated and professional visual artist, and he’s taking care of every Marcio’s angle and corner of the well-toned body.

If you wonder as a student, how you can have a shimmering body as Marcio’s well, Jono is using Scott Barnes Body Bling Moisturizing Shimmering Body Lotion.

To end this masterpiece, Jono captures the backside of Marcio’s body, highlighting every curve of it.

Photo/Makeup by Jono @JonoPhotography
Model Marcio Carvalho @ThatGuyMarcio

Source: https://fashionablymale.net/2019/03/30/colorfully-dark-session-by-jono-with-marcio-carvalho/

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