Canadian Fashion Model Max Taggart by Jamie Mann

Green eyes, 6’2½”, brown hair Canadian born Max Taggart comes to our screen with new sleek shooting by Jamie Mann, styling by Anna Hill and grooming by Ksenia Ogolikhina

How and when did you become a model?
“In high school, I always had an interest in posing in-front of a camera. I always wanted to try that extra step and try out something like modeling where you are being surrounded by professional photographers. Being surrounded by cameras always made me feel like I was in my natural zone and I always dreamed of doing shoots for some of my favourite brands. One day I decided to contact a photographer in my hometown for my first test shoot and if I liked it, the photographer agreed to send my photos to one a mother agency in my city.”

What are your interests/favorite things?
“Ballroom dancing, kickboxing, gym and American football.”

Photography: Jamie Mann / @jamie_mann
Model: Max Taggart @max_taggart
Agency @richardsmodels
Grooming: Ksenia Ogolikhina @artistrybyk_
Styling: Anna Hill @annahill_styling


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