Joem Bayawa presents: Taylor Earwood – Exclusive

Taylor Earwood is a 26 year old up and comer hailing from Los Angeles. He started his modeling career originally behind the camera doing creative photography shoots

He had so much fun working those shoots that he decided to pursue modeling as a profession rather than pastime. 

During the time he’s not shooting you can catch him flying all around the globe as he also works as an airline steward

“I love that my flying job lends me enough flexibility in my schedule where I can travel the world, and meet photographers to work with in so many cities. It really helps add a breadth of diversity to my portfolio that not a lot of models have. Plus it’s just wildly fun being in a new place every day.” 

Taylor is represented by Now What Model Management based in LA

Model Taylor Earwood @taylorandthecurls
Agency @marqnwmmgmt
Photographer Joem C. Bayawa Instagram: @joembayawaphotography


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