Ryan MacGregor by David Vance

By Tom Peaks @MrPeaksNValleys

Miami-based David Vance has been shooting for over 40 years. His images of men lean toward the romantic side of eroticism. They often have that inviting, sexy, and sophisticated aura. Viewers want to lean into his work and harken back to a more elegant era.

Of Italian descent, David Vance has been surrounded by the atmosphere of his heritage since childhood. The art, the sculpture, the music, the literature and cuisine of his world exposed him at an early age to the classic of observing life. He sees beauty through the eyes of his ancestors, and creates beauty with their same vision. 

More recently, David started work on his 13 and 14th coffee table books, “Private Performances” and “Men & Water.” While he met his kickstarter goals on the project, you can still pre-order the books at:   https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ppmaw/two-fine-art-photography-books-by-david-vance?ref=user_menu

For more on David, be certain to visit his website where you can also purchase PRINTS and PHOTO BOOKS by him at:  https://www.davidvanceprints.com/

You can follow David Vance on social media: Instagram & Twitter:  @DavidVancePhoto

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