Boy Toy – Neil Fenton and Conor Fay

Gracing the pages of CR Men, model Conor Fay is a “Boy Toy.” He joins Neil Fenton for the occasion. Photographed by Luke Abby, Conor hits the streets of New York for a shopping spree, before retreating indoors. Sporting bold designer statements, Conor is styled by Ron Hartleben. Meanwhile, Neil dons plenty of sleek tailoring. Together, the models sport brands such as GivenchyLouis Vuitton, and Balmain.

Urban Dictionary

Boy Toy definition:

Once a Greek myth, this man turned sex god is the absolution of lust and desire. Having the ability to turn straight guys gay.

 A young man who dates an older man. He is usually regarded as a fool by most males for being too stupid to realize older man demonize the ENTIRE male gender based on age.

There are many definitions of the Boy Toy. They are not related to this photos of course. However it is an interesting topic.

Dad’s Request for Photo of Gay Teen Son’s ‘Boy Toy’ Goes Viral

A tweet posted by a Californian teen last week has gone viral and illustrates how powerful it can be when a dad shows support for his gay son.

The tweet contained a screenshot of a text message sent by a father, Louis Sr., to his son, Louis Jr., asking the son for a photo of him and his boyfriend so he could brag to his co-workers.

“Send me the pic of u and ur boy toy.”

Jr. was so touched by his father’s request that he posted it to Twitter, and it touched others as well.

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