Photography – Manhood – Virility

Photography by Davide Carson. Styling Alessia Vancini. Models are Samuele Fancesconi, Samuele Urbani and Ronaldo Gjermeni, Agency 3mmodels. 

“My name is Davide Carson. I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and now I’m based in Paris. My photographic production is between fashion photography and portrarit. With Alessia Vancini stylist freelance based stylist in Milan, graduated in Polimoda in Florence we interpreted masculine virility  mixing different chromatic and stylistic components: Manhood – Virility. The biological age of the male individual, whose functional and psychologic morphological development is complete. Virility, L being in possession of the somatic characteristics of the mature man. Combined with the requirements of strength, robustness and full physical and sexual efficacy. Virility, the complex of moral and spiritual qualities such as strength, resolve, firmness, seriousness in action, sense of responsibility.” says Davide Carson.

This category sometimes contains artistic depictions of the male nude in photography. The male nude might be one of the most common subjects in ancient and classical art, but in contemporary times it is unfashionable. When we think of male nudity, our ideas our still rooted in those ancient sculptures. Roman and Greek godlike figures, whose nudity proudly proclaimed both their imposing intellectual dominance and physical strength.

The male nude has been a genre in photography ever since its early invention, but mostly from a gay perspective. For me the gay spectator, for whom these historical images were made, is very present. The male nude in the contemporary context is ripe for reinvention; what is obvious, though, is that many men are still far from comfortable with being looked at in this way. It is wrong to believe that only gay audience is interested in male nude photography. It is also inaccurate to believe that photographers producing nude male photography are gay themselves. Also, majority of male photo models are not necessary members of gay community.

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