Young, Hot Benjamin Selleck by Doug Inglish

Male model is Benjamin Selleck, signed at DT Models. Photography by Doug Inglish for LAZOSCHMIDL. Based in Germany and Sweden. LAZOSCHMIDL works as an artists’ studio that unites the disciplines of fashion design and humanist arts.

male photo model Benjamin Selleck posing in underwear - briefs only

Benjamin Selleck is one of new talented male models hitting the scene. Because of that popularity his photos have been published by several gay magazines – Out Magazine…

There is something in black and white photography picturing male body. Many photographers working with male photo models use that fact. Photo of a young model wearing just white underwear and black boots. He is also wearing what appear to be some sort of sailor cap! Popularity among gay public will certainly follow.

I could not help myself and just have to comment this one. Photographer is presenting colour image this time around – in front of gray and black background. Young masculine man showing his muscles. Top button on his shorts open. White underwear hiding his manhood… There are not many gay men (young or old) that would resist beauty of this scene.

Both photographer and model know how to create erotic feeling. White underwear, as it is presented and packed is probably more revealing than if model is nude. Model’s manhood nicely packed and reveling just enough to cause curiosity among viewers. I am sure our gay viewers and members will enjoy this one.

Masterly executed black and white photography of nude male model. Fishing net revealing just enough of Benjamin Selleck naked body. Artistic rather than offensive nudity by photographer.

I would like to preempt usual question we receive after publishing photos of hot male models here. I do not know if Benjamin is gay and I do not think it matters. There is not much information available to public at the moment.

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