How to Pose Like a Top Male Model?

Are you the next Sean O’Pry or Mathias Lauridsen?

Well, that will depend on not only your it factor, but modeling at its core–posing. Some poses come naturally while others need a lot of practice. Here, we look to the pros for posing tips any model can use.

When it comes to fashion photography, one key element that may get overlooked is the perfect male model pose. While every male model should be good-looking with the right style, body shape, personality, and attitude, understanding photography and how to capture different poses can be an advantage during photo shoots. Whether you’re a photographer or an aspiring model, you can never have enough inspiration.

Therefore, we have rounded up several of our favorite fashion images. Let top models guide the way with some of the best and most common poses for male models. Icons such as David Gandy and Clément Chabernaud show that subtlety and a feel for clothes goes a long way.


Men’s style is an important subject to broach. After all, designer Tom Ford says, “Dressing well is a form of good manners.” Poet Richard Eberhart adds, “Style is the perfection of a point of view.” While fashion encompasses a wide spectrum of aesthetics and references, style is about how you put it together. Your body is the canvas and the way you mix clothes and accessories is your art. Whether you subscribe to the classic style of Steve McQueen or you’re more adventurous like Jared Leto, make sure that your look suits you.

Best Male Model Poses

Kit Butler by Begum Yetis for GQ Turkey.

Leg Day: Prove your body awareness and hit the ground. The right squat and the perfect expression can take you a long way in modeling. Especially, if you’re modeling something like a pendant for men. Kit Butler by Begum Yetis for GQ Turkey.

Lucky Blue Smith for Tom Ford Campaign

Eyewear Apostle: Wear glasses like they are the key to your charm and charisma. After all, eyewear campaigns are all about that cool factor. It’s okay to feel a little smug. Lucky Blue Smith for Tom Ford.

Filip Hrivnak by John-Paul Pietrus for Elle Men China.

Super Couture Pose: Don’t let women have all the fun with the couture pose. Lend the classic pose your own signatures with a more relaxed form. Filip Hrivnak by John-Paul Pietrus for Elle Men China.

Sean O’Pry by Tetsu Kubota

Hands in Your Pockets: A natural ease is everything when it comes to modeling. Imagine you’re out for a relaxing stroll. Sean O’Pry by Tetsu Kubota for Details

Mathias Lauridsen for ALDO

Picture Perfect Smile + Laying Down: May your smile brighten the world and appear as it radiates from deep inside. Hello, you’re a commercial perfection and don’t forget, just a little teeth. And for laying down, the camera is your lifeline and clothes your charm. Shine, shine, shine! Mathias Lauridsen for ALDO.

Simon Nessman by Bruce Weber

The Beauty Pose: A relaxed arm, a beautiful face and a look of divine enlightenment just may win you a fragrance contract. Simon Nessman by Bruce Weber for Giorgio Armani.

Jon Kortajarena by Nico for El Pais Semanal.

Posing Nude: Imagine you’re a work of art and your sole purpose is to inspire. Your body is amazing and you have piercing eyes that can see into the soul. You let your guard down and you have the perfect picture. Jon Kortajarena by Nico for El Pais Semanal.

Matthew Terry by Lachlan Bailey for Calvin Klein Underwear.

The Underwear Pose: So you want to be a top model? Sometimes, you may have to model underwear and the key is to look as natural as possible. Confidence is key and the six pack doesn’t hurt. Here, you are lounging about and just happen to be wearing underwear. Matthew Terry by Lachlan Bailey for Calvin Klein Underwear.

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